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About us

 Well known PEI Photographers, the MacArthur's have been photographing Islander's and visitors for over 70 years. The studio's name Heckbert is from the founder Edwin Heckbert and is our bloodline. As second and third generation PEI photographers Danny and Marc have been working as a "Dynamic Duo" for over 25 years. Their casual, easy going nature and style help make people feel at ease in front of the camera. With years of training, learning, and perfecting their craft they offer you family keepsakes and heirlooms that will get passed down through generations. Investments in your family... portrait art for life.

When not with a camera in hand, you can find the elder artist (Danny) next to, or on the water, kite sailing, windsurfing, sailing a catamaran or the frozen variety snowboarding. Sun and vitamin D are his best friends and if he isnt playing in the sand and sun then its the snow.

Marc finds it increasingly difficult to keep up to Danny. Perhaps a few too many hours of the day spent at a desk or computer. It seems the only exercise he gets these days is trying to keep up to Danny or his very busy family. With 5 of them under one roof, 2 in university at UPEI and one in jr. high, Marc is also chief taxi driver. When he does get a day off you could find him on his motorcycle with his buddies or chillin close to the water or ski hill.

Kristen is the face & voice of Heckbert's. (And what a face!) How does a business stay going for 70 years you ask? From sincerity and honest caring about the people you are doing business with. We don't have clients, we have friends and Kristen is a big part of that. When not serving you, she keeps us running, organized and on point. Down time for Kristen usually see's her in one of the many island hockey rinks or basketball courts with her 2 boys. (actually come to think of it there is no down time for Kristen...she is always!)